Your Council

The Parish Council has 11 councillors, who are elected for a four year period or until the next ordinary election.  The Council, which meets approximately 9 times a year on Thursdays at 7.15pm, is advised by the Parish Clerk, who carries out the administration of the Council.

The Council has a number of responsibilities, some of them advisory within the local government structure and some direct. These include (not exhaustive):

Play Areas, Footpaths and Open Spaces The Council owns a number of open spaces, including play areas and is responsible for their management and upkeep. It can also maintain public footpaths.

Allotments The Council provides and manages two small allotment sites.

Lighting The Council is responsible for 79 of the street lights in the village.

Litter The Council uses a contractor for litter picking.

Dog Litter The Council provides all dog waste bins in the village (the BCKL&WN is responsible for emtyping them).

Charities The Council has responsibility for the Edward Shouldham Charity, which has a small annual income from land rental and investments. Payments are available to the needy from the fund.

Grants and Donations The Council has powers under Section 137, Local Government Act, to give grants and donations.

Planning All planning applications are assessed by the Council and their views are taken into account when the Borough Council, as the responsible planning authority, makes its decision.

Highways The Council can put funds towards any new footways or towards traffic calming measures and make representations to the County Council for highways improvements.

Consultation The Council as the local representative body is also asked for the views on a wide range of issues that are decided by other government bodies.

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